How to Play Bayraktar?

Playing games is fun. And not just fun; it also requires a certain amount of discipline and a lot of planning, thinking, and strategising. And what if we told you that you could do that all the while earning money? That sounds like your dream job, right? Play and earn money, and all your fifth-grade fantasies come to life. Fulfilled by none other than India’s favourite gamin website, the Rajabets.

We are an online platform that offers several gaming options for our members, allowing them to pick the game of their choice, place bets and wagers, play it, win it, and collect it back.

The Process

The process is quite simple to move on to how exactly you get to enjoy Rajabets. There exist just a few necessities. You should be human, kidding, have sufficient funds in your account, not kidding, and log into our official domain.

Register yourself by filling in the details asked for, choose the game you wish to engage in, place a bet, and start winning. It’s that simple.

How to Play Bayraktar?

A product of the Turbo Games, Bayrakter is a fan favourite. This is majorly due to the game’s requirement for the player to be involved in it instead of merely guessing answers or spinning wheels.

The player must choose the amount they bet and the number of boxes chosen in the game. Essentially, the game involves the player protecting the nation’s treasures from enemies by joining the army. Sounds fun, right.

What is Bayraktar?

Bayraktar is a game in which one must accurately select a box in the grid to drop bombs on targets. When they do, the player receives multiplier increases and can continue to select boxes to raise the jackpot or cashing out potentially. If the player strikes a miss in the box, the player will have to start again at the lowest multiplier.

How the Game Works?

  • How many targets you have in the grid affects the percentage of the miss chance. The bigger the number of targets you have, the smaller your likelihood of missing them, and vice versa.
  • Your multiplier will rise with each successful hit, bringing you a satisfying payment until you reach the maximum payout.
  • Within the table below the game screen, you can view your ranking and the number of wins you’ve had.
  • The amount placed as a wager can be turned to automatic in the settings to save you the trouble of doing it manually after every round.
  • The first step is to set up an awesome nickname to get you started.
  • Place the amount of bet you choose to wager. The maximum credit amount is 100 credits, whereas the minimum amount is 0.10.
  • Now, get the target number you want to destroy on the reels. And the rule of thumb is that the higher the target number, the greater your victory. Lowest-1; Highest-23.
  • Check the number of targets left on the battle grid and click the Start Game button. Try landing your missile on the boxes chosen on the grid.

Good luck!

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