Boom Legend

Ready to play one of the most engaging games you’ve ever experienced? We forewarn you that the game may take you longer than an hour, but this time will fly by due to how fascinating it is! Boom Legend is a unique and thrilling game that Jili Games has released. Prior to shooting at targets, you must first put a wager, that is, decide how much one shot will cost The reward increases with target size, but keep in mind that you will use more paid shots on a larger target. 888 times your wager is the maximum reward! The moment the game starts, you will enjoy it. Both PCs and mobile devices can play Boom Legend.


There are many creatures in Boom Legend for you to shoot, but the cerberus monster has a bonus worth up to 88,888.

Goblin 6x
Red Goblin 6x
Archer 8x
Elite Archer 8x
Swordsman 10x
Elite Swordsman 10x
Lancer 20x
Viking 25x
Knight 30x
Red Witch 40x
Goblin Bomber 70-90x
Black Knight 80-100x
Medusa 90-110x
Mystery 20-120x
Golden Viking 50-150-350x
Golden Knight 60-180-420x
Cyclops 20-25-100-125x
Blue Cyclops 30-35-150-175x
Green Cyclops 40-45-200-225x
Golden Giant 80-400x
Ice Dragon 100-500x
Crocodile 188-88,888
Flaming Cerberus 80-888x

Special Weapons

When you use the rocket punch, your fist will shoot skyward from where you are standing, piercing and repelling any creatures in its route.

Open a mystery box to find either mines or rocket punch in the mystery chest.

Mines: The mine can be positioned anywhere on the map, and when it explodes, it will harm enemies throughout a wide region.

Axe: Using the axe subtracts 5 times the bet amount to attack the target monster more powerfully.

Hammer: The Hammer lets you launch a hammer at the chosen monster for a 15x reduction in your bet value. Lightning from the Hammer will occasionally strike nearby monsters on the battlefield.


Monsters that you kill may come back to life as Dreadfreaks. Kill the Dreadfreaks to increase your probability of receiving even more goodies (max 2x odds).


Can I win real money at Rajabets in Boom Legend?

Absolutely, you can open an account with Rajabets and start playing right away

Where to play Boom Legend ?

With the promotions and wide-ranging games offered by Rajabets, you can easily enjoy the game

Can I play Boom Legend with a mobile phone or other devices?

Yes, you can play on Rajabets regardless of browsers and devices

Boom Legend Demo Play

Play at Rajabets!

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