Cash or Crash

Cash or Crash Game Overview

Cash or Crash is a live casino game developed by Evolution Gaming and has become a favorite among players. We are sure that you will love Cash or Crash, which is an original and special game, after playing it a few times and understanding its gameplay. Cash or Crash game, which allows players to play at the desired amount of bet, is perfect for spending time and having fun with its theme.

How to play Cash or Crash?

Cash or Crash has a 20-step ladder pay-table. Our goal is to climb these steps one by one and increase our income. Every time we move up the ladder, our winnings are multiplied and we can earn higher amounts. In this game where we climb the ladder as we collect the green balls, the probability of collecting the green ball decreases every time we climb the ladder. In direct proportion to this, our winnings are multiplied with high multipliers. Balls are drawn randomly from the ball drawing machine on the game screen. You can place your bet in the middle of the screen and start your exciting adventure in Cash or Crash.

Although the mechanics of the game may seem difficult at first glance, it is actually based on simple basics. We are sure that you will love this game, which has a theme and rules that you have not seen in other games. There is only one bet you can make in the game, but this bet is a potential winning machine that can be multiplied by very high multipliers. There are two colored balls in the game. The green ball helps us to climb up the winning ladder, while the red ball causes us to go down the ladder.


The payouts in the game are enormously high. In this game, which offers the opportunity to win from 1.2x to 18,000x, you will see that your balance takes flight as you collect the green balls. If the shield in the game is broken, this win limit can go up to 50,000x, which is higher than you will find in other games!

There is also a special golden ball in the game. This golden ball serves to protect us from one red ball. If the red ball is drawn in the next round of the round where the golden ball is drawn, our level is prevented from falling and we can move on to the next round. After each green ball is collected, we come to the decision stage waiting for us, we are faced with 3 different options:

Continue: If we choose this option, we stay in the game with 100% of our winnings and stake.
Take Half: If we choose this option, we cash out 50% of our winnings and stay in the game with the remaining 50%
Take All: If we choose this option, we cash out 100% of our winnings and end the game round.

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