Crazy Coin Flip

What is Crazy Coin Flip?

Are you ready for a completely new approach to slots? Crazy Coin Flip, a brand-new fast-paced, multi-level game that combines slots and live action in the most thrilling way possible, was introduced by Evolution. Those who win the final Coin Flip bonus round in this live slot game have the chance to receive enormous payouts thanks to various multipliers. This is not your typical bonus, though. This slot machine is turned into a live game show with the Coin Flip round. With three game stages, the thrills won’t fade away. Slots and live gaming fans can both enjoy Crazy Coin Flip.

How to Play Crazy Coin Flip?

You don’t have to be a professional casino player to learn how to play Crazy Coin Flip. Just follow the next steps and you can try your luck in no time.

  1. First, to play Crazy Coin Flip online, you need to log in to your Rajabets account or register an account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Find the game in the Live Casino section and activate it by pressing the Play button.
  3. Set a bet limit and press the green Spin button to start spinning the reels. If the standard mode isn’t your thing and you can’t wait for the scatters to land, you can use the XXXtreme spin mode. Its trigger costs five times the bet and increases the chances of at least one scatter symbol landing. Its big brother, the Super XXXtreme spin mode, costs 50x the base bet and boosts the odds of two scatter symbols and multipliers even more.
  4. If you hit three points on a payline, you will be eligible for the Live Coin Flip bonus round. While waiting for it to start, you can also get an additional amount of prizes.
  5. Finally, when all the multipliers have been added, the dealer directly flips the coin. Depending on the color of the coin, the corresponding price multiplier will apply to your bet and you will receive the corresponding payouts.


Specifically, the game has three stages – the Qualification, the Top Up, and the Coin Flip bonus round. The game starts with the Qualification where you have to spin a 5×3 slot machine with ten paylines and eight classic card and fruit symbols. Of all these, scatter is the most important.
Your goal is to land three scatter symbols on the payline to qualify for the Coin Flip round. Scatters can be equipped with a multiplier, which will further increase your chances of winning big. Fortunately, you can still win even if you don’t get the bonus because the rest of the symbols pay like in any other slot game and according to the set paytable.
After qualifying for the Coin Flip round, you can spin the 3-reel, 3-payline Top Up slot with red and blue coin symbols. Landing three of the same color in the middle row will earn you an additional multiplier that will apply to the blue or red coin on the last spin.
The final round is run by the game host, who flips the lever and assigns a special Flip multiplier to each side. The coefficients can range from 5x to 100x and apply equally to all players. This multiplier will then be added to your Qualification and Top-Up multiplier for potentially huge payouts, depending on how the coin spins at the end.


  1. Is Crazy Coin Flip Live a slot or a live dealer game?
    Crazy Coin Flip is a combo casino game. It’s basically the perfect combination of classic slots and a live game experience.
  2. What is the RTP of the Crazy Coin Flip slot?
    Crazy Coin Flip RTP is 96.05% or 96% depending on which of the 3 game modes you are using (Normal Spin Mode, XXXtreme Spin Mode, and XXXtreme Super Spin Mode). In addition, the Top-Up slot has a 95.06% player return rate.

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