Crazy Time

Crazy Time is an iconic, type of prize wheel casino game, that is created by Evolution Gaming. The game is featuring a Dream Catcher-inspired spinning mechanism, one main game and three unique bonus games, and plenty of live hosts to entertain and energize their audience. Crazy Time is a must-play live casino game with its distinctive style making it exciting to watch.

How to play Crazy Time?

Crazy Time game features 54 sections, each color represents a different type of win you can land. You have a blue 1x, a yellow 2x, a pink 5x, and a purple 10x. Four mini-games are also present on the wheel one or more times: Coin Flip(4 times), Cash Hunt(2 times), Pachinko(2 times), and Crazy Time(1 time).

Coin Flip Bonus Game

Coin Flip includes flipping coins. During this bonus game, the host places a coin that has two sides: a red and a blue one, and each one will have a multiplier value assigned to it. Players guess the result of a coin toss. The machine determines the result of a coin toss, and players who guessed correctly win the multiplier of the corresponding color.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

This bonus game consists in choosing a square among the 108 available symbols. Bet multipliers are covered by symbols (cactus, gift, target, sheriff’s star, rabbit, jester’s hat…) with a maximum multiplier of 100x. The player has to aim for and shoot the symbol which they believe is hiding the largest multiplier with a cannon. Once the cannon shoots, the multiplier reveals and the players got their rewards.

Pachinko Bonus Game

Pachinko offers you a large purple screen, with amazing multiplier prizes at the bottom. Then, a disk is dropped from the top and randomly makes its way down the wall, eventually the disk lands on one of these prizes. Whichever prize the disk lands in, the player gets the corresponding multiplier amount based on the initial stake.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

Crazy Time is the last, and flashy bonus round you can explore. Players will be taken through a magic red door and into a whole new world with a big wheel surrounded by floating octopuses, balloons, trains, and much more! The large wheel has three different colored flappers – yellow, green, or blue. Players pick between them and win the amount that their chosen flapper lands on, and the game ends.

How to play the game on Rajabets?

To play the popular game Crazy Time, first, you need to visit Rajabets, the best online betting and gambling site.

  1. Visit the website from your desktop, or you can access it on your mobile.
  2. Create your account, and make your deposit to play the game.
  3. Once everything is done, locate the top menu bar and search for the Live Casino option. Press on it, and you will see a whole host of Live Casino games appear on your screen.
  4. Scroll down, and you will see the Crazy Time game below the Popular Games sections on the webpage. You can simply notice the game with its colorful wheel or write ”Crazy Time” to the search bar.
  5. Select your bet amount and place your bets on the 8 available choices, enjoy the game!


What is the RTP for Crazy Time?

The RTP for Crazy Time is 96.08%. For every $10 bet, the average return to the player is $9.60 based on long periods of play.

Is this game hard to play?

It may seem compound at first, but Crazy Time is a really simple live casino game to understand. It only takes a couple of rounds to understand the game fully.

Can I play Crazy Time on mobile?

Crazy Time is fully compatible with all mobile devices. Sign up to Rajabets today and enjoy real money live casino games from your favorite mobile device whether it is iOS or Android comfortably.

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