Dice Duel

What is Dice Duel by BetGames?

Dice Duel is a basic game including two dice of various tones. There are many wagers accessible in light of the toss of the two dice. Dice Duel is a straightforward constant game utilizing two dice, a red and blue one. The dealer places them into a container, rearranges them, and moves to convey a triumphant 2-dice blend. They are not entirely settled by the number of pips and the shade of the dice. The rundown of fundamental wagers incorporates red or blue dice winning, or the roll finishing with a draw.

How to play Dice Duel?

The game furthermore permits players to bet on Numbers (picked number moved on red or blue dice or a red/blue blend), Odd/Even (alluding to the number of pips on one or the other or the two dice), and Sums (being less or more than the foreordained worth). Every one of these wagers is shown on your bet slip and can be picked with a solitary snap of your mouse.

Having settled on the kind of bet, you’ll have to choose the sum to put into the following roll. Live Dice Duel and Live Dice are streamed from a similar studio and facilitated by a similar dealer, meaning the two games substitute and permit you to play both simultaneously.


  1. Two customary six-sided dice are utilized, one red and one blue.
  2. The accompanying sorts of wagers are accessible:
    *Which dice will be higher or a tie.
    *The winning number of every individual dice as well as the blend of the two.
    *Odd or even any event, for every dice as well as the amount of the two dice.
    *Over or Under 3.5 for every dice and over or under 3.5 to 9.5, by ones, for the amount of the two dice.

For wagers that have a half possibility of winning, the success is 1.9. Most pays are with the end goal that the return is 95% on the off chance that it tends to be accomplished while keeping the success one decimal spot. The return is rarely underneath 93.75%. Wins are consistently on a “for one” premise.


Dice Duel is a tomfoolery and invigorating game with a straightforward idea. It is not difficult to learn and offers 13 different bet types. The game has a low house edge and high RTP, settling on it an extraordinary decision for players hoping to win huge. Gratitude for perusing! We genuinely want to believe that you partook in our aid on the most proficient method to win Dice Duel.


Can I play Dice Duel with cryptocurrency?

Of course yes, you can play by depositing crypto in your Rajabets account.

What is the RTP of Dice Duel?

The RTP of Dice Duel is 98%. By and large, players will get back 98% of all the cash they bet.

Where to play Dice Duel?

You can play comfortably at Rajabets, a licensed and reliable site

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