Dice Twice

What is Dice Twice?

Dice twice is a very rooted game from the past. The gameplay of the game is based on very simple basics. There are two different betting options in the Dice Twice game. Players can bet on these options and start winning. After this bet is made between the two options, the game will start and the dice will roll and stop at the place equivalent to a number. A bet on the red or green field indicates which color you have chosen. It rolls very quickly and you can see the result immediately. You can adjust the percentage of colors according to your preference, you can go for a more guaranteed choice or high-risk, high-profit. At the same time, there are; Win Chance, Payout and Multiplier information in the game. You can consider these pieces of information before deciding on your strategy. In Dice Twice, which offers a licensed game service, you can start earning quickly and spend your time in the best way.
Dice Twice is a modernized game that offers quality gaming pleasure. You can register and start playing right away at Rajabets!

Effect of Choices

At the beginning of the game, the percentages of green and red colors are equal to 50% each. The choices we make depend entirely on the strategy we want. If we want a little less risk and want to increase our balance quickly, we can increase the percentage and reduce our risk. If our balance is limited and we want to increase it quickly, choosing the higher risk percentage will give us more profit. We can predict the result that we can get from the screen where the Win Chance, Multiplier and Payout information are included. We have no doubt that the Dice Twice game, which offers us fast and practical betting pleasure, will become more popular as time goes on. Try this game with high RTP on Rajabets right now, share the excitement!

Winnings and System

Dice Twice is not just a game where we choose one of two simple options. An innovative system that also offers us the chance to play automatically. With the automatic bet option, we can set the percentages and choose our bet amount. Additionally, we can increase our stake by a certain percentage each time our bet loses or wins. So we can quickly make up for the losses. In this autoplay, where we can also set the number of bets to be made, we also have the option to stop the automatic bet on winnings. In this way, we can follow a new strategy according to our balance. With a very high RTP of 97.5%, it’s almost hard not to win in this game.


*Where to play Dice Twice?

You can register and start to play Dice Twice at Rajabets immediately.

Is Dice Twice easy to play?

You can play Dice Twice game, which has simple mechanics, very easily.

Who made Dice Twice?

Dice Twice is a game made by Turbo Games.

Dice Twice Demo Play

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