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Dinosaur Tycoon

Dinosaur Tycoon is a one-of-a-kind fishing match-up with creative point Dinosaurs! The most recent, style and state of the art fishing match-up, will permit you to have the sensation of vividly being rich at Jurassic! Different dinosaurs, Supervisor Challenges, and Numerous weapons to browse! Beat the Bosses! Satisfy your fantasy and win money while having fun at the same time!

At the point when you sign in to this fishing slot game, You will change into courageous champions to obliterate the dinosaurs on a powerful tank with an extremely new plan.

The substance of the game Dinosaur Tycoon is as yet requesting that the client rout however many animals as would be prudent. Be that as it may, with how it is planned and carries clients to another world, this Dinosaur Tycoon video slot game has been a reverberating accomplishment since its most memorable send-off.

The universe of tyrannosaurs is here hanging tight for you to investigate, and would you say you are prepared to dive more deeply into it? Let’s take a closer look together


Dinosaur Tycoon has more than one type of symbols and creatures that give different payout amounts. These symbols are listed in 6 main categories. These 6 main categories are:

  • Normal Dragons
  • Effects Dragons
  • Special Dragon Egg
  • Special Medium Dragons
  • Immortal Dragon Kings
  • Special Colossal Beast

The creatures in the Normal Dragons category are sorted by value from least to high; Baby Dragon (2x), Eggy Dragon (3x), Eggshell Dragon (4x), Velociraptor (5x), Corythosaurus (6x), Triceratops (8x-9x), Saber-Tooth Tiger (10x), Golden Tiger (50x), Golden Dragon (55x)

The creatures in the Effects Dragons category are sorted by value from least to high; Bomb Frog (60-80x), Oviraptor (40-120x), Pterosaur (80-100x)

The creatures in the Special Dragon Egg category are sorted by value from least to high; Mystery Dragon Egg (35x)
If you break the egg, you will receive an extra 20% bonus for the multipliers of other dragons you kill within 20 seconds.

The creatures in the Special Medium Dragons category are sorted by value from least to high; Thorn Dragon (20x-175x), Stegosaurus (30x-245x), Spinosaurus (40x-315x)

The creatures in the Immortal Dragon King category are sorted by value from least to high; Brontosaurus (60x-150x), T-Rex (80x-200x), Flying Dragon (135-500x)

The creatures in the Special Colossal Beast category are sorted by value from least to high; Mammoth (150x-300x)


Dinosaur Tycoon game, which is a great choice for gamblers who are tired of classic and boring slot games, allows you to both have a good time and take yourself on a lucrative journey to this magnificent prehistoric world. Rajabets, on the other hand, continues to satisfy its players with bonuses with its library of licensed and wide range of slot games for betting lovers. Create your free membership to Rajabets now, and share in this excitement and profit while having fun!

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