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Evil Goblins xBomb

How to play Evil Goblins xBomb?

Love blowing up things? We’ve got just the game for you. Say hello to Evil Goblins xBombs, the perfect game for all who like to make things go boom. And welcome to Rajabets, your one-stop shop to satisfy all of your gaming needs and then some more.

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Now, all you have to do before you start playing the game is just get yourself signed up. And this is how the process goes:

  • The first thing that you need to do to play Plinko is to get yourself registered on our forum. Go to Rajabets.com and sign up right now.
  • For the second step, you’ll have to finish your registration and, like always, check your bank balance. Just kidding. No, we are not.
  • Now search for the game you want to play and click on it.

The Evil Goblins x Bombs is also famed due to its inclusion of fantasy. The fans of the genre of fantasy are certain to enjoy this game. Traditionally goblins are short, rounded, unpleasant creatures that cause more harm than good. And this game requires you to blow them into smithereens. Possibly the best way to take out your aggression. And you can earn while doing so; honestly, can life get any better?

The Premise

The naughty goblins want to come out and play in this slot. They’re a nefarious lot who want to disrupt your game and dump explosives all over the place only to get their way. The all-new Evil Goblins xBomb game requires the player to step in and stop them from devouring your soul. Which does not sound fun.

Evil Goblins has two different RTP settings: 96.14 per cent and 94.21 per cent (DX1).

The Features

Wilds of Resurrection

To activate and change 3 Dead Wilds into Resurrection Wild Symbols, you’ll need 3 Dead Wilds. The final Wild symbol to appear will also act as a significant multiplier.

The Sacrifice of a Goblin

To trigger a Goblin Sacrifice, the player must connect the goblin at the top of the reels with the sign on the reel below that same goblin. Obtain a match to toss a grenade as a sacrifice, converting him become a Wild symbol

Goblins Feast Spins

Four spins with the Evil 4 multiplier activated in Goblins Feast Spins. All matching goblins will remain in their original location during the bonus rounds, but the multiplier will rise by one. Whatever new matching goblins exist will transform into a skeleton and remain for the duration of the feature, changing matching symbols into Wilds in the process. Every new spin in Explosive Goblins Feast Spins comes with an xBomb upgrade.

The game’s maximum payoff is 31.969 times the basic bet in All Hail the King. This will stop the game around if you activate it.


All symbols except Scatters, Dead Wilds, and Resurrection Wilds are removed by the inevitable explosion, which also increases the win multiplier by one. When an xBomb sign appears, one row is added following the explosion, up to a maximum of seven rows.

Happy Bombing!

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