Fan Tan

What is Fan Tan?

All throughout the world, live casino games are becoming more popular. They have particularly gained a lot of appeal in Asia, where gaming has a long tradition. Because of this, the area contains a tonne of games that Western consumers have never heard of. Fan Tan is one of these games, and it may have existed as early as the third century! With its most recent game, Fan Tan Live, Evolution is now introducing this entertaining Chinese game to the rest of the world.


You can easily play the new version of this game, which dates back to ancient times, on Rajabets. All you have to do is log into your Rajabets account, if you don’t have one, don’t forget to register.

Each round begins with a betting round. The goal of Fan Tan Live is to predict how many beads will be left in his last line. So casino members can play multiple bets. These include Fan, Nim, Kwok, Sheh-sam-hong, Big/Small, and Odd/Even. To bet on a certain bet, select a coin value and place it on the bet you want to play. When the time runs out, the Evolution version will move on to the next stage.
The host uses a special stick to collect all the gems in one place. These beads are placed under a glass dome, where they are shaken. After a while, the dealer will use a metal cup to split a random number of beads. These beads are then placed on the table and the host hits them with a stick. The individual seeds are divided into groups of four. They are lined up until the last row of beads remains.
At this point, the player can see the number of gems left: one, two, three, or four. If your bet predicts the correct number of marbles, you win the round. At this point, the round ends and the dealer pushes all the beads back into the glass dome.


If you want to unlock additional betting options, you can activate the advanced mode. This will reveal additional bets that give you more flexibility.

Nim bets work just like standard Fan bets. With the Fan bet, the player chooses a winning number. The Nim bet consists of two numbers, but only one winning number. For example, you place a bet on 1 Nim 3. This bet will win if there is one pearl left at the end. However, if three beads are left, this results in a push and your original bet is returned. Nim bet pays 1.9:1 on win.

Kwok bets also include two numbers. However, this bet treats both numbers as winning numbers. The Kwok 2-3 bet will pay if the number of beads remaining equals two or three. Since winning is easier, the Kwok bet pays 0.95:1.

Sheh-sam-hong, or Ssh for short, allows three numbers to be played. All three numbers are considered winning numbers, making it the safest bet to play. However, this is reflected in the reward of this bet. When won, the Ssh bet pays 0.316667:1.

Finally, the player has access to two traditional side bets. Big / Small allows you to bet on whether the final number of beads will be small (one or two) or large (three or four). Meanwhile, Odd/Even will check if the last row of beads is odd or even. Odd wins if you draw one or three beads. Even wins if you have two or four beads. The two-way bet covers two numbers and pays 0.95:1 because of this.


-What is the best bet in Live Fan Tan?
Most of the Parity bets with the highest RTP are offered. This includes Odd/Even, Big/Small, and Kwok bets in the advanced betting view.

  • What is the difference between Fan Tan and the Fan Tan card game?
    Some people may be familiar with another type of game called Fan Tan, which is played by playing cards. This game has nothing to do with Fan Tan of Evolution, which is a variation of the game played in most Asian casinos. The card game is played by 3 to 8 players and is not a casino game at all, so the two have nothing in common.

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