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How to Play Funk Master ?

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Okay, so you like games. You love online betting. You are constantly looking for games to bet on. Online betting is your cup of tea, or you are new to the world of online games and would like to try your hand at a couple. Whatever the case, Funk Master is a game that is suited to all. A universally loved and hailed game, Funk Master is as unique, groovy, and quirky as the name it owns. And right now, we are going to be looking at how best to play this wonderful game. 

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About the Game

The game, called Funk Master, was created by the renowned NetEnt studio. When it was released on May 25, 2022, its outstanding graphics and immersive engine made it a favorite with gamblers. 

A grid slot with cluster payouts and a sparkling 1970s feel. You can understand why software companies are eager to use this motif. The ability to toe-tap along to the music is a major lure, as are the bright lights and the festive atmosphere. All of this has been preserved by Funk Master and is offered along with extras like avalanches, Dancing Wilds, Dancing Wild Hotspots, multipliers, and free spins.

This review covers all of its salient features, which, together with the free sample mode on our website, provide an accurate representation of the overall experience you may expect.

How To Play ?

When you press the play button, 64 symbols fall onto the game panel and form winning combinations when they land side by side or vertically adjacent. When winning clusters appear, the avalanche function is activated, which causes winning symbols to be removed and new ones to be added until no more clusters appear. All of the regularly paying symbols are disco balls of varied colors, with blue, purple, and green serving as the lows and pink, green, yellow, and orange as the highs. This suggests that NetEnt thinks you can’t have a party without a disco ball. The other symbols you’ll see in Funkmaster are scatters and multipliers, with disco balls, also appearing on the wild symbols. 

Dancing Wilds Hotspot

A Dancing Wilds Hotspot that highlights a 22-square region is randomly put on the reels at the beginning of each spin in the main game. A Dancing Wilds Hotspot that highlights a 33-square area is randomly placed on the reels to mark the beginning of the Free Spins. A winning cluster must first form before the Dancing Wilds Hotspot spots unlock. 

One Dancing Wild symbol is awarded in the main game when all Dancing Wilds Hotspot spots are unlocked in a single game round. In the event that a Dancing Wilds Hotspot point is not freed within one game round, it looks once more. On one of the vacant Dancing Wilds Hotspot places, the awarded Dancing Wild symbols will appear at random.

Bonus Spins

In the main game, three or more Dancing Wild symbols anywhere on the reels trigger six free spins. Following the avalanche feature, the free spins begin. When the Free Spins round begins, the Dancing Wild symbols from the previous game round remain where they are on the reels until they are a part of a winning cluster. The Free Spins play area initially has 9 rows and 8 reels.

Dancing Wild Symbol

Before an Avalanche, a Dancing Wild symbol that is a part of a winning cluster does not vanish from the reels. Instead, if it can, it moves at random to one of the spaces that, after the winning cluster was eliminated, became empty and was either close to or across from its original position. AvalancheTM feature starts after the Dancing Wild symbol moves.

During the AvalancheTM feature, Dancing Wild symbols hold onto their locations rather than descending with other symbols. All symbols, excluding multiplier symbols, can be replaced by dancing wild symbols. According to the Paytable, Dancing Wild symbol substitution pays the greatest potential winning combination in a cluster.

This Funk Master game is a must-try for everyone interested in online gaming and casino action.

Happy Playing!

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