What’s Goal?

Think highly of yourself and your skills? Do you hope to receive a standing ovation after your speech? Take full advantage of the situation and achieve spectacular success. You may put up your best effort at Rajabets, the safest online betting and casino site. More points are awarded for longer distances traveled without detonating any explosives. The casino game Goal can make you a soccer star in no time.

Taking cues from the timeless PC game Minesweeper, Spribe has created a casual game of chance called Goal. As the player progresses through the minefield, the reward increases up to 9.03 times the initial wager.

How to Play?

First, define the size of the field: small, medium, or big. Don’t forget, larger field gives you a higher multiplier in the Goal game. After that, choose the best bet for you. You can also play in manual or auto mode, which contains additional settings for your comfortable game. You begin by selecting your playing area: small, medium, or big. The number of tiles you play with is determined by the one you pick. 

Small will give you a three-by-four-inch space.
The medium will give you a four-by-seven grid,
The Big will provide you with a five-by-ten spread. 

Below each column is an amount that pays out specifically. Then choose your bet size between €0.10 and €300—perfect for low-budget players and big rollers. One of the rows in each column has a bomb. When you bet, you pick a position, and if it doesn’t show a bomb, it will increase your payout and move to the next column. As long as you don’t select the bomb, your cashout will continue to rise. You have the option to withdraw at any time. Otherwise, you will return to the beginning if you click on a bomb, losing everything you have earned. There are also multipliers that can appear on tiles, which will multiply your winnings.

When you play on the Goal slot machine, you have a great chance of winning big. A unique experience is what Spribe’s game promises to deliver. The simplistic visuals of the Goal slot do little to enhance the gameplay or convey the game’s soccer theme. The only themed part of the game is the tiles you click on after selecting footballs.

Do you want to get some experience before going into the field? No problem! On Rajabets, turn on the demo version of the Goal game. It will help you figure out how the game works in just a few minutes. Then you can play a real game!


What is the house edge of Goal?

  • The house edge of Spribe Goal is 3.5%.

What is the RTP of the game?

  • The game has a 96.5% RTP and is highly volatile.

Can I play the Goal with crypto currency? 

  • Of course! You can play the game “Goal” by Spribe with crypto currency at Rajabets.

Goal Demo Play

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