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Gold Bar Roulette

The “first significant innovation in roulette since Lightning Roulette” according to Evolution’s 2022 new game release showcase was Gold Bar Roulette.

Now it’s up to you to decide if the hoopla was justified. Numerous casinos are currently accepting bets on Gold Bar Roulette.

It’s unquestionably gold. This roulette-based game show is set in extremely lavish, extremely golden surroundings because Evolution has spared no money. No prizes for figuring out the target demographic. The gold bar multiplier (more on this below) is set at 88x in case there was any lingering uncertainty.

What is Gold Bar Roulette?

In the game of “Gold Bar Roulette,” winning Straight Up bets come with gold bars in addition to monetary prizes. In subsequent rounds, those gold bars can be utilized to make Straight Up wagers and win payouts starting at 88x.

There are no gold bars involved, and all other bets (including Split, Street, Corner, Line, and all Outside bets) function as they would on a typical European Roulette table with the same payouts. If you need a reminder on the many forms of roulette bets, look here.

Let’s practice a few bet rounds to demonstrate the idea.

Playing the Game

Predicting the number on which the ball will land is the objective of the Gold Bar Roulette Live. You can achieve this by placing a wager (or several wagers) covering the chosen number. The wheel used in the game is the European version, which has 36 digits and a single zero.

The game allows for a wide variety of wagers, ranging from one single number to several numbers. Each wager has a specific payout percentage.

Gold Bars

You must place your wager in order to participate in Gold Bar Roulette Live. You can accomplish this by putting a chip or a gold bar on the betting grid of the game.

Gold bars cannot be purchased, so the only way to obtain them is through winning. If you win the Straight Up wager, you will get a random assortment of Gold Bars. When they become available, you can only use them on Straight Up wagers.

You stake an 88x multiplier based on the current amount displayed in the Gold Bar balance when you bet a Gold Bar. It is also possible to stack many gold bars to increase the multiplier value even more.

Opening the Safe

The live host will spin the ball on the wheel after the wagering period has ended and then open the safe. Four boxes in the safe open to yield one to twenty Gold Bars.

The amount displayed is the most Gold Bars that can be won during the specified game round.

The Result

Your winnings in terms of Gold Bars are made known after the ball comes to rest in one of the number pockets. The only requirement for winning is that your wager must cover the winning round.

A Straight Up bet that wins pays 24 to 1 and adds Gold Bars immediately to the Gold Bar balance.

A cash reward is given when you place a Gold Bar on a successful Straight-Up Bet, and Gold Bars are automatically added to your account balance. By multiplying the value of the Gold Bars by the Gold Bar multiplier, the cash award is determined.

A Straight-Up bet that wins pays 24 to 1 and a cash prize when both a Gold Bar and a chip are placed on it. Naturally, every Gold Bar is immediately added to your balance.

You can utilize the Gold Bars you won in any subsequent gaming round. You get to pick the time. We must note out that the game has an Auto Play feature that enables players to automatically play for a specified number of rounds.

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