High Low

What is High Low?

High Low, a two-choice game, doesn’t just promise us luck. In the game where we predict whether the second shown card is lower or higher than the first shown card; anticipation, skill and excitement combined. You can show these skills in the High Low game at Rajabets. In this game where you can both pass the time and test your guessing skills, your foresight can help you to earn money.
High Low game is open for gameplay, which is offered to the game with the Bet Solutions slots provider, with the crypto or other methods we deposit. The High Low game, which offers fast and smooth gameplay, is perfect for multiplying your deposit in a short time.

Types of High Low Cards

There are many types of cards in the High Low game. Each has a different score. Numbers go by order but face cards have a different order. Ace is the most reduced card and King is the most elevated. Betting options vary. In some places, when the face-up card is the King or if the Ace is shown, the odds of your bet are reduced. When you choose red, you bet that the next card will be Diamonds or Hearts. Black represents Spades and Clubs.


Since High Low is not a complex and complicated game, it can be played with simple basics. Sometimes taking risks and choosing low chances, sometimes taking high chances and taking the easy way out will provide you with long-term wins in the game. For example, if you have 3, choosing higher doesn’t offer huge opportunities in terms of winnings, but choosing lower takes a risk and multiplies your potential payoff or alternatively, you can increase your balance continuously by taking low risk and prevent possible decreases. In both strategies, the choice is yours. You can spend more time in the game by changing the strategy from time to time. In this way, when you fully understand the system, High Low will be an indispensable game for you.

Appeal of Card Games

Card games improve your mental guessing power, strategizing and mental skills. High Low is not just a simple card game, it is a game with strategies, risks and choices. It also offers you the opportunity to make money while doing these, of course, the choice is still in your hands. In the recently popular High Low game, people who take low risks and multiply their balance, or those who take risks and make maximum profit, visit this game constantly. Players who haven’t tried it yet don’t know what they’re missing. Card games are also very important for brain training. Turn off your phone and TV and walk away, grab a deck of cards or test your decision-making in a game of High Low. In this way, you will see positive effects in real life over time.


  • Can I win real money at Rajabets in High Low?

Absolutely, you can open an account with Rajabets and start playing right away

  • Where to play High Low?

With the promotions and wide-ranging games offered by Rajabets, you can easily enjoy the game.

  • Can I play High Low with a mobile phone or other devices?

Yes, you can play on Rajabets regardless of browsers and devices

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