How to make a Deposit in Rajabets?

While making a deposit you have to follow the deposit menu;

There are many methods functioning through the system with various ways on Rajabets. Some methods may require you to make the transaction manually and, some methods directly process your transaction through your wallet app.

  1. Click on Deposit
  2. Choose the method to make a deposit
  3. Enter the amount, and follow the deposit instructions.

It is important to follow that, In case you deposit to an account that is not present on claim of funds is not possible.

Once you make a deposit, in general, it takes 0-15 minutes. It is considered a successful transaction where you make a deposit and enter the UTR of your transaction through the correct method.

Why my Deposit is not completed in 15 minutes?

It is common that your transaction is most likely to be delayed/failed if you have not entered UTR upon your Deposit form. In case if your transaction is incomplete, Live Support is always ready to assist you on your transactions.

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