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Anyone who loves playing games can be sure that winning at any game is a great way to relax; It gives happiness when you work hard and eventually win at something. And the excitement gets doubled if the winnings are in the form of money.

We all have heard about the case where people have become billionaires or millionaires overnight by playing Black Jack or Russian Roulette at a casino. But now, the games that were only available to play and earn in casinos are also available on your phone, tablet, or any other device you are using.

Several slot games are also available online that you can play whenever you want and earn big if your luck favors you. One such game that you can enjoy playing is The Iron Bank Slot game on Rajabets website

What is the Iron Bank Slot game? 

The game’s story is that the player can join the criminal The Jaguar and take advantage of the loot from the Havana Heist. In originality, this game is just like any other slot game with a few changes here and there. 

Unlike normal slot games where there are five reels and three rows. In the Iron Slot game, there are six reels and four rows. The game’s unique features include how you can earn way better than any other slot game; in this game, there are mystery symbols, and there are full reels wilds that add a lot to the winnings. The full reels wilds can bring multipliers of up to 10x. It has been recorded that the maximum payout that has been received in this game has reached somewhere around 49 868 times the money you have placed as a bet.

How to play the game on Rajabets?

Well, to know how you can try your hand at this game, you can look at the guidelines below to understand the game and win eventually.

  • Step 1: The most important thing you need to do to play this game creates an account on Rajabets website.
  • Step 2: Once you have created your account. The next step that you will have to complete is to deposit money to place bets.
  • Step 3: You can now search for the game. Open the game once you find it. 
  • Step 4: You will see a slot screen and a spin button below the reels and rows that you will have to use to spin. 
  • Step 5: You can first decide the stake that you want to put in. You can start anywhere between 10 per spin to a maximum of almost 20 pounds per spin. There will also be an autoplay function that lets you enjoy the game where the spin is on automatic mode. What is important is that there has to be a combination that comes after the spin to win. You must land three or more matching symbols or wild on adjacent similar symbols, and if you happen to land expanding wilds, then the earning are multiplied by a greater coefficient.

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The game’s volatility is high, meaning if you invest more, the returns will be high but so will be the risks. To play this game, matching symbols or wilds need to come in one of the six reels, and if more wilds come together, you can earn more.

The RTP of the game is more than 96%, meaning that the chances of winning in this game are very high. In the gameplay, you need to remember that the most rewarding symbol is the bull, which can pay almost 50x times the stake that you put. 

You can play this game on all platforms. The visuals and the way the game goes forward are also pretty good. We are sure you will love playing this game.

That’s all for now, folks. Have fun!

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