Juicy Crush

How to Play Juicy Crush?

The satisfaction of playing a game is unparalleled. People are naturally inclined to like winning, competing, and playing games. Since the beginning of time, as far as history can tell, we have been involved in game creation.

And as technology advanced, the complexity of those games only increased. And some games are just that bit better than the others. And one of the best games, in our opinion, is Juicy Crush; not only is the game fun and keeps you occupied for hours together, the fresh bursts of color certainly don’t hurt either.

The first and the foremost step to playing Juicy Crush in Rajabets is to get yourself signed up on our platform. Go on to the official Rajabets domain, and register yourself as a player.
Now, check in with your bank balance.
Choose the game you wish to play, which in this case, would be Juicy Crush. Amazing choice, by the way.
Place the bet and start playing.

Juicy Crush

The new and exciting 6×6 fruit-themed slot Juicy Crush features cascading mechanics, a vibrant and juicy design, top-notch animation, appropriate sound effects, and genuinely large payouts. But by no means is this the key item in this slot.

The skill-based feature TNT Booster, which allows a player to detonate all of the symbols on the playing field and so increase his chances of dropping a winning combination, was first introduced by Onlyplay in Juicy Crush.

Every element in the design of the game was meticulously considered by Onlyplay, making each fruit appear ripe and delicious. But sleek and excellent design is just the start.

Using cascade mechanics, Juicy Crush is a brand-new engaging 6×6 fruit-themed slot machine with a vibrant and juicy design, top-notch animation, appropriate sound effects, and substantial payouts.

Juicy Crush also offers free spins and the chance to double players’ winnings by 100 while they are playing in free spins mode.


Juicy Crush stands out thanks to its skill-based TNT Booster function, which allows players to detonate every symbol on the playing field and so increase their chances of landing a winning combination. Juicy Crush also offers free spins and gives players the chance to multiply their earnings by up to 100 while playing in free spins mode.

TNT Booster

A skill-based function called TNT Booster blows up all of the field’s icons. Most significantly, the player decides when to employ the booster themselves. Even though this brand-new technique has been used before in social gaming, Onlyplay games are the first to apply it. TNT Booster boosts the player’s participation and degree of retention by accelerating the game’s pace and giving him a sensation of control.

Free Spins Mode

The amount of symbols that erupt on a single spin determines how far along the player’s progress bar is. The progress bar’s level will increase as more symbols explode. The player’s current multiplayer level rises as the progress meter fills. Therefore, he can multiply his wins by up to 100 in Juicy Crush.

Bonus Buy Option

By “purchasing” your preferred Bonus Game session in Juicy Crush, you can begin the Bonus Game. Additionally, you can return at any moment because your progress is always preserved.

‚Äč‚ÄčThis game is a must-try for everyone interested in online gaming and casino action. Happy Playing!

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