Lightning Dice

For as long as anyone can remember, dice have been an integral part of gambling games everywhere from the street corners of New York to the plush gaming rooms of Las Vegas and Macau. Bets on the roll of the dice provide an immediate rush of adrenaline. In addition to being thrilling, we know they are completely unpredictable.

How to Play Lightning Dice?

The gameplay is as simple as it can be, as is the case with the majority of dice-based casino games. Three standard red dice with face values ranging from 1 to 6 are used to play. The goal is to forecast the final result by rolling or shaking the dice (the game’s host does this) (that is done by the players).

Evolution Lightning Dice is a fairly quick-paced game as a result of its simplicity. A few seconds is more than enough time for you to put your bets. Given that there are 3 6-sided dice, a total of 16 outcomes, ranging from 3 to 18, are possible. Obviously, not all of these are on a par. Distinct payments result from different outcomes that are more likely to occur than others. For example, 3 and 18 are the least likely outcomes, thus a victory pays 150x. In contrast, the most frequent outcomes—paying just 5x—are 10 and 11. More information is available in this Evolution Lightning Dice review’s Payout section.

It’s also important to note that each round allows for an unlimited amount of wagers. The Lightning Strike feature activates at the conclusion of the betting period and has the potential to increase your earnings. This functionality will be covered in more depth below.

The three dice are rolled down the Lightning Tower in Lightning Dice, a customized device created just for this game. A camera zoom records the results, and those who placed prior bets on the right conclusion are paid off.


The multipliers in Lightning Dice are the game’s sole perk. In each and every one of the rounds, they show up on one or more of the numbers. The increment amount and the selected number are both decided at random. And not all numbers can be increased by the same amount. The maximum payment for lower-risk numbers, such as 10, 11, and 12, is significantly less than that for higher-risk numbers, like 3 and 18.

As far as studio sets go, Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Dice has to be one of the most impressive. This is the best game to get into if you’re looking for something straightforward and different from what’s already out there. The game’s lightning-strike animations and exhilarating audio will put you right in the action. Online games like these are a great way to remind people why Evolution is the gold standard of live online gaming. Lighting Dice is a visual feast and a thrilling game that will have you on the edge of your seat.


What is the RTP?
RTP of this game is 96.21%.

Lightning Dice

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