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Mining Factory

TrueLabs created the online slot machine Mining Factory. This 27 fixed paylines, 3×5-reel video slot has an RTP of 96.1%. It is regarded as being quite unpredictable and provides three different types of wilds, free spins, and a unique bonus.

Soundtrack and Graphics

With a prominent synthesizer and glockenspiel influence, the background music is pretty much standard “sci-fi movie music,” and the spinning and clicking of the reels is also nothing unusual. Even yet, it’s simple enough to turn off the sounds and break up the monotony without ruining the gameplay.

The graphics in Mining Factory, however, are superb. With the reels displayed across a large screen and a control panel deftly merged into the desk panel, the background of a Bitcoin mine control room is ideal for the game’s premise. Although some gamers may not be familiar with the symbols because of their connection to the Bitcoin community, this shouldn’t be an obstacle.

Mining Factory RTP and Volatility

An average return to player of 96.1 coins for every 100 bets made over a predetermined period of time would result from consistent play. Due to the extreme volatility of this slot machine, you might need to exercise patience when trying to win.

How To Play Mining Factory in Rajabets?

Although the slot machine Mining Factory isn’t very challenging to play, the busy screen could make it seem that way at first. Here, we walk you through the procedures you can use to set it up and make it functional.

Focus on the control panel at the bottom of the screen as soon as the game begins.
You merely need to choose how many coins you wish to risk on each spin because the paylines are fixed. The plus and minus buttons adjacent to the COIN VALUE button allow you to change the preset value, and the BET PRICE button next to it displays the total cost of your selection.
You have the MAX BET option if you wish to stake everything on a spin. Just be certain that you are at ease with the overall cost.
Before you start playing, pay attention to certain additional crucial symbols in the top right corner of the screen. For game information, a graphic representation of the paylines, and the crucial paytable, press the I button.
By clicking on the tiny megaphone icon, you can turn off the sound whenever you wish.
The cog icon takes you to a reality check panel where you can adjust your spinning experience if you’d like to place some limits on your screen time.
You can now click spin or try autospin and have fun.


What is the RTP of Mining Factory?

 96.4% is the actual, certified RTP rate.

Exactly how erratic is Mining Factory?

This video slot machine is extremely volatile.

Does Mining Factory feature a bonus round with free spins?

Yes, the scatter can bring in up to 12 wins, and the jackpot can bring in even more.

Mining Factory Demo Play

Play at Rajabets!

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