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Money Coming

What’s Money Coming?

Keep an eye out for any and all sources of income, since they might come from anywhere. Created by the folks over at Jili Games, the online slot game Money Coming is both easy to pick up and play. The reels of this slot machine are green with an extra golden reel on top, and the game’s logo a spinning golden wheel serves as an animated overlay.

Money Coming has 1 payline, 3 standard reels, and 1 bonus reel. These include the numbers 0 through 10, with the double zero this time around. Just as we mentioned, if you manage to form a winning combination on the payline, you may spin a bonus reel on the right side of the screen and potentially earn some very appealing prizes. This gives you an opportunity to spin the Special Wheel for a chance at a 10-times multiplier, free spins, or another chance to win. Gamblers who spin this wheel have a chance of winning substantial sums of money. Taken as a whole, it’s a great game with an interesting premise.

How to Play Money Coming?

To play this stunning game with lots of gifts, you can easily create a Rajabets account and start earning right away! You can also try or play any other game with your Rajabets account.

-Rules of the Game-

The points earned are represented by a digital mark sequenced from left to right across the board.
The order of the numbers is unaffected by any blanks.
The more money you’re willing to wager, the more features of the game you’ll get access to, and the more points you might potentially win.
When you spin the Special Wheel and win a reward, you’ll receive the round’s special effects based on the winning symbol.
Replaying the reward round is possible when the respin feature is activated.
There is always something to win on the Lucky Wheel.

-Special Wheel-

It is not necessary for the front wheel to receive the reward for line connection. When the Special Wheel stops on one of its symbols, the special effect that corresponds to that symbol will be activated!


What’s the RTP of the game?

  • The RTP of the game is 96.19%.

Who made the game?

  • Jili Games is the company that made the game.

Money Coming Demo Play

Play at Rajabets!

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