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Monopoly Big Baller

What is Monopoly Big Baller?

Evolution Gaming, the producer of Monopoly Live, the game where most people hit the jackpot, is back with their new game Monopoly Big Baller! Monopoly Big Baller, a new bingo-style game, is a game inspired by the best-known board game Monopoly. This game, which has a high probability of fueling the excitement with multipliers increasing exponentially, satisfying the players, and making a profit, we are sure that it is one of the games you should stop by while spending your time at Rajabets. In the game, if you enter the bonus, Mr. Monopoly wanders around the board and collects surprise multipliers for you. This is determined by the level of the multipliers collected and the dice rolled, and higher multipliers await us in the further steps of the board. Mr. Monopoly will bring you good luck

How to Play Monopoly Big Baller?

Monopoly big baller game has a different gameplay compared to the other game. The game features an eye-catching ball-drawing machine. When you match the numbers and complete the lines, With the help of Mr. Monopoly, we’re starting to get our winnings. In order to take bets and participate in the game, you need to bet on 4 bingo cards and 2 bonus cards at the bottom of the screen. You can bet on one card or on all cards. You can also bet different amounts on each card. After the bets are placed, before the round begins, Mr. Monopoly jumps into action and spins the wheel with different multipliers in it. It can also remove some numbers from the cards and players can win more easily.

Balls are drawn randomly from the machine. After 20 balls are drawn, these numbers match if they are on the cards. If a number with a multiplier is selected, this multiplier is also added. If any number on the bonus card is drawn, the bonus round begins. If you bet on this bonus card, you can join the game, if you don’t, you stay as a spectator.

Bonus Game and Features

There are 2 bonus cards that allow you to enter the bonus game. One of these cards has 3 rolls and the other has 5 rolls. If you manage to fill in all the numbers on the bonus card, the game includes you in the Bonus game and in this bonus game you will find the virtual Monopoly board and Mr. Monopoly. When the bonus game starts, random dice are rolled and Mr. Monopoly provides progress on the Monopoly board. The multiplier where it stops is multiplied by the amount you bet. After the bonus game, the new Monopoly Big Baller round can begin immediately. Thus, you can stay in the game all the time and quickly get your bets.

You can register and play Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Big Baller, which is an eye-catching game with high multipliers and animations, preferred by many players, with Rajabets, and start earning real money.

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