Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live

  1. Monopoly Live is a great live casino game created by Evolution Gaming.
  2. Monopoly Live is a live casino money wheel with the latest features, one of the most popular games ever released.
  3. The live casino wheel spins all year round. The game is available on different mobile devices and browsers and easily accesible. Rajabets players can sign in to their account and play it right now

How to play Monopoly Live in Rajabets?

Monopoly Live is one of the most preferred games on Rajabets.

  1. Log into your account by visiting the Rajabets online betting and casino site. You can easily register to Rajabets, if you don’t already have an account. Then move on to the Live Casino .
  2. You can easily spot Monopoly Live under the Games section on the Live Casino .
  3. Monopoly Live has 6 betting options. There are four different numbers and two kinds of bonuses to bet.
  4. The host spins the wheel. All bets are closed shortly. You have 12 seconds to make your selection and place your bet.
  5. If the flipper shows a number when the wheel stops and you have chosen that number and it, your bet will be multiplied by the number.
  6. When the wheel stops in one of the bonuses, the bonus becomes active. And if you chose this bonus, you will participate in the game, otherwise you will be a spectator.
  7. MR. Monopoly creates multipliers before the dice are rolled
  8. The dice are rolled and Mr. Monopoly steps on the board as many times as the sum of the dice. If the dice are rolled doubles, an extra roll is added.
  9. When the game is over, if you won, the reward you won will be added to your account instantly. If you don’t win, no money will be added to your account. After this, the next round starts.

Before you play , the only requirement is that you need to create a legitimate account on Rajabets. You must register for that and fill up the necessary fields with your information and credentials.



Monopoly Live is an excellent and popular Live Casino game from Evolution, an interactive mix of the Dream Catcher wheel and the Monopoly board game.



As with all casino games and betting as a whole, there is no fixed strategy to win in this game. Please be mindful of the amounts and bets you play and always play responsibly.


Yes you can! To do this, you must have a Rajabets registered account and sufficient funds in your balance to place a bet.

Monopoly Live Wheel

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