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Patrick’s Magic Field

What is Patrik’s Magic Field?

One of Evoplay’s exciting online casino games, the newly launched Patrik’s Magic Field will attract attention. The main theme of this game with 5 Reels and 20 Paylines is St. Patrick’s Day. We are looking for gold in our Irish atmosphere game, and we get different winnings at every turn. Are you ready to join this adventure at Rajabets?

How to play Patrik’s Magic Field?

In this game, where we carefully adjust our bets:

  • Bet Amount allows us to choose the amount we want to bet
  • The number of mines allows us to increase or decrease the number of mines in the game.
  • After choosing the bet amount and the number of mines, our bet is ready.
  • Under each tile we choose is either a mine or a four-leaf clover. We decide whether to continue betting or not based on our choices
  • After our first selection, the Collect button will appear and we can click on it whenever we want to get our winnings.

Game Features

At the beginning of each game, there are randomly placed bombs. When we start the game, we must avoid the bomb and find the clovers in the choices we will make. Every clover we find multiplies our bet and we can end the bet by pressing the Collect button whenever we want. The number of mines we choose at the beginning of the game allows the payout to be multiplied with higher multipliers. In this way, we can confidently increase our earnings and offer a pleasant gaming pleasure. It is also an exciting process, as the probability of encountering a bomb increases after each election. Every choice we make, we can multiply our bet, or we can press the Collect button and start our new bet. You can set your own style by making mathematical adjustments in Patrick’s Magic Field, which offers a maximum win of up to 10000x.


Offering players an ambitious RTP ratio of 96.25 – 97.00%, Patrick’s Magic Field will undoubtedly be the number-one choice for those who like to take quick bets and make decisions. The adjustments that the game gives you full control, on the other hand, help you to establish the ratio of your own strategy to your balance. Adjusting the number of mines and getting your money by pressing Collect at any time from the game are signs that you are in complete control. Patrick’s Magic Field, which can be played seamlessly from all electronic devices at Rajabets, will get more exciting as time goes on. Are you ready for high adrenaline and profit in a very short time in this game where you have all the choices?


What’s the jackpot in Patrick’s Magic Field?

Mathematically, the game provides a maximum win of up to 10000x. Either way, it’s a game worth trying and winning

Can I play Patrick’s Magic Field on mobile devices?

Yes, you can play without any problems by registering with Rajabets from any device

Is it easy to play Patrick’s Magic Field?

Of course, you just have to choose the bet amount and the number of mines

Patrick’s Magic Field Demo Play

Play at Rajabets!

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