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Pearls of India

How to Play Pearls of India?

Finding your passion is difficult. While some of them always held an affinity towards the sky or others towards helping others and others at the legal nuances of the world, yours was in gaming. And it seems unfair that gaming cannot be a career choice, don’t you think? We are here to tell you that those who say so are wrong.

At Rajabets, we offer our customers not just the gaming experience but also a solid, undeniable way to earn money. Who said sitting on your couch, playing games, won’t fetch you money?

We are an online platform that offers several gaming options for our members, allowing them to pick the game of their choice, place bets and wagers, play it, win it, and collect it back.

The Process

So, how do you get on with and get to enjoy Rajabets? Well, the process is quite simple. There exist just a few necessities. You should be human, kidding, have sufficient funds in your account, not kidding, and log into our official domain.

Register yourself by filling in the details asked for, choose the game you wish to engage in, place a bet, and start winning. It’s that simple.

Pearls of India

  •  A popular game, the Pearls of India is a fan favourite. Combine gaming and Indian patriotism, and you have an unshakeable game. This is exactly what Pearls of India does.
  • This game features the character Rich Wilde who is often touted as brave, fearless, and rugged. This reel hero is tasked with recovering the sacred pears of India.
  • The game is a satisfyingly fast-paced arcade game that needs the player to search, find and uncover the sacred pearls in their adventure. This is a 20-line slot adventure that is the sequel to Playn’Go.
  • Along the way, Rich Wilde can also collect bonus points by picking up ancient Indian treasures that bring him monolithic rewards. It is as fun as it sounds.
  • The game requires the player to spot the three precious pears shown in the reels in a scattered, haphazard manner, and you are allowed to guess in the optional gamble round. This would help the player multiply their take. And when the player spots the pearls, they win ten free spins with wild symbols that possess the power to grant extra spins and multiply the prizes by an increasing factor.
  • The graphics of this game is renowned with inclusions such as the mysterious Wall of Shiva, the wondrous Wheel of Brahma, and the venerable Vishnu in the reels and games.
  • The Return to Player (RTP) for Pearls of India is 96.87 per cent. This is a high percentage for an online slot, giving the casino only a 3.13 per cent profit margin.

Good luck!

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