Space XY

How to play Space XY?

Space XY is a slot-based game from Bgaming, which is as enjoyable as other games at Rajabets and at the same time entertaining. In Space XY, which offers licensed gaming pleasure, you can join the competition and win real money. In this game where timing and feelings are important, you can place your bets whenever you want. There is a system where you can cash out when your bet is taken. It’s very easy to win at Rajabets in Space XY game with 97% RTP, and maximum winnings of up to 10000x.

In this game where we have our space exploration rocket, the multiplier is multiplied by every second that the rocket stays in the air. Timing is also very important in this game, which promises more profits when we cash out as late as possible. As the rocket exits the atmosphere, it may take damage and explode and our bet may be lost. In this game, where we can increase our balance very quickly if we adjust the withdrawal period well, we can also see other people’s bets from the menu. In this game where struggle and strategies are discussed, each player follows a different strategy. The moves you make will directly affect your balance.


  • Rocket Fly After you make the bets watch the flight on graph. Horizontal symboled as X, amount of time the rocket is on the air while vertical symboled as Y, describe the possible winning multiplier.
  • Multiple Bets In single game a player can make several bets
  • Autoplay There is an Autoplay feature which allows you to select the number of autoruns in the popup that opens. All round bets will be placed throughout the chosen number of rounds by player.
  • Auto Cash-Out The automatic cash-out option, which allows us to leave the rocket at the any cash-out multiplier we want, is also available in the game.


Space XY is an innovative creation from Bgaming that players will be happy to play to distract themselves from classic slots with free spins, fruit symbols and spades, hearts. This online galaxy themed game looks easy and minimalist. RTP is great, the potential to win is high, and the choices are yours. Also, you still need to set your bets from the options and check out the graph well during the game. The wide range of bets appeals to many players. Anyone can bet according to their balance and multiply these bets as much as they want. There is no doubt that every second you will spend in this game where fun is blended with time will be full of excitement.


  • Can I cash-out at the any multiplier I want?

Yes, you can cash-out at any multiplier and participate in the next bet. You can also set up automatic cash-out at the multiplier you want.

  • What is the strategy i should follow for winning in Space XY?

You can win according to your balance by making cash-out at lower multiplier or higher multiplier. Thanks to the promotions offered by Rajabets, it seems very easy to have fun and win in Space XY

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