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Speed Auto Roulette

Have you ever been rushed for time and wanted to play a few rounds of roulette but just had a little bit of it? It’s possible that you’re in a rush, but the live dealer is taking their sweet time spinning the wheel and chatting with the other customers. Speed Auto Roulette was developed by Evolution Gaming precisely for this reason. No dealers. No pauses. Just nonstop activity at the roulette table!

Their stream quality is incredible, which is to be anticipated given the developer. You might think that the absence of a dealer could make things a little less exciting, but that wasn’t the case at all! Due to the fact that each round only lasts 35 seconds, you won’t even have much time to celebrate your victory after you do so. The moment one round of play concludes, the game immediately begins accepting bets for the following one.


In Speed Auto Roulette from Evolution Gaming, the wheel used is a traditional one used in European roulette. If you’ve ever tried your hand at one of their roulette tables in the past, you’ll have a good idea of what this place has in store for you. Its mechanism has not changed, and it does not offer any bonuses or multipliers as Lightning Roulette does. The speed at which each round is played in comparison to standard roulette is the lone characteristic that distinguishes it from standard roulette.

You place your wager by first choosing the value of the coin you will use and then positioning it on the board or racetrack that is in front of you. If you move the cursor over a wager that is eligible, the numbers that are covered by that wager will become highlighted. Because of this, when you get ready to hit Even, the release will highlight all of the even numbers so that you can see what you’ll be betting on.

You can prepare a specific bet in advance and then activate Auto Play once it is ready to go. This is possible if the bet is already prepared. Your previous wager will be remembered by the game, and it will be played over and over again until either the Auto Play feature is turned off or you personally turn it off. You also have a statistics page, where you can review your past victories and see how your percentages stack up. If you believe in hot and cold numbers, you will find this knowledge to be extremely helpful.


There aren’t any other features in Speed Auto Roulette outside the “French” bets you may place utilizing the racetrack above the main board.

The latest addition to Evolution Gaming’s auto roulette lineup is sure to please players. If you’re searching for a quick roulette game, this one is a must-try.

Speed Auto Roulette

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