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Andar Bahar is taking the live gaming world by storm, so it’s no surprise that the giant Evolution finally has its hat in the ring. This only emphasizes the importance of the Indian market. In fact, Super Andar Bahar games are served at Hindi-speaking tables right from the start. In 2022, Evolution released Super Andar Bahar, a live dealer table card game. Super Andar Bahar is a well-known and enduring card game in India with simple rules. It’s just a matter of guessing whether the side, Andar or Bahar, will receive a card that matches the first-dealt “Joker” card. The game contains many more intriguing rules and features that lavishly reward players, but this is the initial simple option. Additionally, the game has side bet multipliers that are applied randomly for added thrills and the chance to win up to an incredible 4000 times!

How to Play Super Andar Bahar?

  1. The principle of this old card game is quite simple. First, the dealer draws a single card commonly known as the Joker. This card determines the game’s objective for the remainder of the turn.
  2. Then the dealer draws cards from two stacks called Andar and Bahar. They take turns between the two, with Andar always getting the card first, followed by Bahar, then Andar, and so on. The first pile to receive a card of the same value as the Joker wins.
  3. Betting in Super Andar Bahar by Evolution is similarly straightforward. Before the round starts, you have 14 seconds to make your decision. Use the chips on the screen to set your stake, then click on either Andar or Bahar. If the pile you selected wins, so does your bet.
  4. The basic payout is the same for both options. However, Andar always gets the first card and thus has a slightly higher chance of winning. That’s why the payouts for Andar bets are reduced to 0.9:1.
  5. That’s all there is to the Super Andar Bahar base game. The coefficients can only affect side bets, which are described later in the Special Features section.

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The main feature of Super Andar Bahar by Evolution is side bets. The feature itself is quite common in online Andar Bahar games. However, Evolution implemented a multiplier system to change things up a bit.

The purpose of side bets is to predict how many cards will be drawn before the end of the round. For example, if you choose 16-20, you win if a card of the same value as the Joker is drawn under card numbers 16, 17, 18, 19, or 20. The countdown begins with the first Andar card – the one revealed right after the Joker.

However, after the end of the betting period, the 1 to 5 side bet options are randomly selected and multiplied. If you win Super Andar Bahar side bet with multiplier, you will get an increased bonus. The coefficients are not always the same and can be, for example, 3x, 5x or 10x the base payout. The max win in Super Andar Bahar Live is 4,000x for a 46-49x bet.

The result of the side bet is independent of the main bet. Whether the winning card is drawn for Andar or Bahar does not matter as long as it is a correctly numbered card. You can also place a side bet whether you have placed the main bet or not.

Plus, the game is equipped with stats and routes. You can use them to check the results of the previous 120 rounds.

The main game is so simple that it’s difficult to find fault with it. It’s a straightforward method of playing Andar Bahar online, bearing the renowned Evolution quality seal. Fans of the live casino Andar Bahar, though, might find the side bet to be a more contentious subject. Although it’s a well-liked wagering choice, not everyone will appreciate the multipliers. However, the mechanic ups the thrill a notch. The multipliers are a terrific way to liven up the straightforward Andar Bahar rules, which can occasionally feel monotonous.


  1. What is the RTP in Evolution Andar Bahar?
    The optimal RTP is 97.85%, for Andar bets only.
  2. What does Super Andar Bahar mean?
    Andar and Bahar translate “left” and “right” in Hindi.

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