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Sweet Bonanza Candyland

What is Live Sweet Bonanza Candyland?

Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a next-generation fun casino game developed by Pragmatic Play. The theme of the game is about Sweet Bonanza, one of Pragmatic Play’s most popular games. There are fifty-four segments in the big wheel in the game, but there are great prizes and surprises in the nine segments of these fifty-four segments. Throughout the game, you will be chasing rewards in these nine segments. The pay and earnings of the features in each segment are different. Opportunity to win 20,000x if certain conditions are met.

How to play Sweet Bonanza Candyland?

When you log in to the game, you have 13 seconds to place your bet, during this time you can bet and participate in the round. With the ‘Bet On All’ option, you can bet equal amounts on all spots. Each betting spot has a different payout, these are:

  1. Number 1 pays 1x
  2. Number 2 pays 2x
  3. Number 5 pays 5x

Payouts of bonus spots range from 1x to 20,000x. Sweet Bonanza Candyland game will undoubtedly be a favorite game of the players with its wide in-game features and different casino pleasure. With its warm atmosphere and fast-growing exciting bets, you are still unaware of the surprises waiting for you in the bonus games. What are you waiting for to try this game available on Rajabets?

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Wheel

There are 54 divisions on the main wheel in the game, and the numbers of these divisions are as follows:

  1. Number 1 has twenty-three divisions
  2. Number 2 has fifteen divisions
  3. Number 5 has seven divisions

In addition to these, there are nine Bonus sections:

Sugar Bomb has three sections
Bubble Surprise has three sections
Candy Drop has two sections
Sweet Spins has one section

The maximum payout in Sweet Bonanza Candyland is up to 20,000x.

Game Tips

It will be the healthiest to make certain strategies to increase the probability of winning and reduce the risk of loss in each game. Let’s list tips and useful ways for Sweet Bonanza Candyland game:

  1. The wheel is live and rotates entirely by the presenter. The presenter spins the wheel in a specific direction.
  2. Compared to other games, the flapper on top of the wheel is made of a much softer material. Because of this, the presenter does not spin the wheel very fast and the wheel goes over all the sections.
  3. The result in each round is completely RNG. There is no outside influence whatsoever.
  4. There is only player participation in the game called Candy Drop. You choose one of three colorful candies.
  5. You can activate the Sugar Bomb Booster with 25% of your bet. The bomb will double every multiplier you choose during the Sugar Bomb bonus game round.
  6. Thanks to the autoplay option, you can automatically bet up to 100 spins and make adjustments.
  7. From the game interface, you can access the results from the last 500 spins and develop a game strategy from it.

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