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The Dog House

the dog house rajabets

Rajabets is a great platform to try your luck. You have come to a place where we will let you know how your luck can help you win money in slot games. Yes, you heard it right. Luck actually plays a very crucial role in winning games and gambling, especially when money is invested. Luck must work in your favor. That becomes even more important in Slot games. Because all you have to do in these games is spin and the rest completely depends on probability and more of your luck.

One such game that you can enjoy playing is the Dog House Slot, especially on Rajabets website. Pragmatic Play introduced this game in 2019 by Pragmatic Play, which is pretty well known for the type of games they introduce. This game is also like other slot games where you need to be lucky enough so that the combinations turn out to be good when you spin.

How to play and win this game on Rajabets website?

This game is pretty simple and has a comparatively high RTP of around 96 %. All you would need to do is spin.

Steps on how to play this game:

  • Step 1: Register yourself on Rajabets website to play this and many other games like this. 
  • Step 2: Once your registration is done, make sure you have enough money in the account to place your bets.
  • Step 3: Search for the game and click on it once you find it.
  • Step 4: Now, this is a slot game. And like any other slot game, the whole thing comes down to the spin. You will spin one after the other and have patience until you hit the jackpot. The slot has five reels and also three rows that display different characters when spun. When it comes to earning, you can only earn when a multiplier pops up with a combination of different items like the collar and the dogbone. 
  • Step 5: Remember that the highest-paying items are the four dogs themselves. If any wilds turn up and are a winning combination, you can expect to earn a great deal in that scenario. The spins are random, and they can show a 2x or may a 3x multiplier. This multiplier will come only on the second, third, and fourth reel. You can earn big earnings if you happen to hit one or more multipliers in one spin. The multipliers that will get added can reach a maximum limit of 9x. So if this happens, you can be sure that you are going to earn real big. 

What else does this game have?

Apart from the things we have mentioned above, there are red gems in the shape of a pawprint. This is like a scatter in the Dog House slot. The red gem feature will appear on reels one, three, and five.

This game can be played from desktop or mobile. You can play for 0.20 or up to 100 coins per spin. It can give you reward you with really great winnings like 1.20x and go up to as higher as 37.5x in case you can hit five symbols that match on a pay line. You can also set the spin to Auto Spin so that you can enjoy the game. The game also allows you to decide how much you want to bet in the middle of the game.

It is a great slot game with high RTP. So go ahead and try out this game. Have fun.

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