What is the Twerk Game?

Twerk is a slot made by Endorphina Games. With in-game Free spins and thrilling features, it offers players a satisfying gaming experience. In this game, which has been prepared in detail from its animations to its music, surprises await us in the details. The dancing girls appearing in the bonus games are trying for our winnings. 3 Scatter Symbols randomly placed in our spin allow us to start our bonus game called Dance Battle. Twerk competition starts when 3 VS symbols appear in the game. At the start of the bonus game, a dancer girl is chosen at random. That dancer girl is trying to beat the other girls by representing us. You can try the Twerk game that you will have fun while playing at Rajabets.


Combinations also have a meaning in this game where each symbol, color and outfit has a different value. The color combinations of each piece of clothing are directly proportional to our winnings. This order of awards, which men will not think differently, is as follows:

  • Butt in black lingerie
  • Butt in green shorts
  • Butt in torn leggings
  • Butt in pink shorts
  • Butt in jeans shorts
  • Butt in latex shorts
  • Butt in golden leggings

Everyone’s favorite may be different, but we are sure that in time, they will all be your favourites. In addition to these, a special symbol, VS, is required for Free spins. In this game, where you will be impressed by its theme and the virtual world it creates, an underwear can increase your balance faster than you expected.

Tips and Strategy

Each symbol has a different payout, you can learn which symbol you should catch according to these combinations. You can match the high multiplier dancer in the possible bonus game. Let’s take a closer look at these payouts:

  • Buttocks in green shorts – 200 coins;
  • Buttocks in pink shorts – 50 coins;
  • Buttocks in latex shorts – 1000 coins;
  • Buttocks in black lingerie – 30 coins;
  • Buttocks in torn leggings – 500 coins;
  • Buttocks in jeans – 70 coins;
  • Scatter – 250 coins;
  • Buttocks in golden leggings – 5000 coins.

It is highly recommended to see free spins in this game where you will be chasing latex shorts and gold leggings. Start to spend time and benefit from the rich animatics of the slot world at Rajabets right away. Twerk game with 96% RTP also offers players the opportunity to win up to 250000x. Start trying this thrilling slot right now by signing up for free at Rajabets.


What is the maximum bet size?

The maximum bet size is 50 coins in Twerk game.

Can I play on mobile device?

Definetly, you can play on Rajabets with your mobile device.

What is the RTP percentage in the Twerk game?

Twerk has %96 RTP percentage which is really high.

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