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Underground Tuning

What is Underground Tuning?

Underground Tuning game immerses you in the world of underground drag racing and car tuning! The graphics, music, sound effects in Underground Tuning game made by Bet Solutions may remind you of Tokyo Drift of the Fast and Furious series from the past! Let’s get into the details of Underground Tuning, the only game where both car lovers and slot lovers meet. In the Underground Tuning game, which impresses you with a different feature at every turn, you can hear the engine sounds of the vehicles, you can see the bright lights of the city, and the cars ready for the race in the background. There is no doubt that you will find a piece of yourself in this vehicle themed slot game where you will escape the police. It is also possible to find Nitro Wild features in the free spins of the slot, which offers the player the opportunity to have fun. You can open and access the game for free at Rajabets whenever you want!

How to play Underground Tuning?

Underground Tuning has the traditional video slot layout in-game. Slot game with 20 Paylines each reel has three rows. If you move your mouse over the payline numbers, you can also observe potential different winning combinations. There are 2 different options where you can change the bet amount. One of them is the coin value and the other is the number of coins. In the game where you can change the bet amount as you wish, you can get the minimum or maximum bet according to your wish. So the game can be selected both for you to regain your low balance and to double your high balance.

Features and Tips

The game also has an autoplay feature. After clicking the ‘Auto’ button, you can choose between 10 and 500 spins. In this way, you can develop strategies where you can sometimes pass your luck and take over the game whenever you want. There are 8 symbols in Underground Tuning. Some of these are special and high value symbols. Symbols ‘Q’, ‘K’, ‘A’ , a speaker, an exhaust, a wheel, a brake disc, and a gear stick. In this game, every car part is carefully designed and made, innovative visuals are eye-catching. If you trust your luck in the game where we aim to collect the parts and reach the super car of our dreams, you can try it at Rajabets right away. The Queen, King, and Ace, which are simple symbols, are among the symbols with the lowest value. The maximum payout of these symbols, which gives 10x wins for 3 symbols, is 75x. For high multipliers, the symbol we are looking for is the gear stick! Other symbols that give a lot of winning are an exhaust, a wheel, a brake disc


Where can I play Underground Tuning?

You can sign up with Rajabets and start playing Underground Tuning.

Can I play on Mobile Phone?

Yes, you can play Underground Tuning at Rajabets with your mobile phone

Underground Tuning Demo Play

Play at Rajabets!

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