What is WW II Slots?

Prepare for a chaotic game with bombs and bullets flying in the air in WW II, a World War II themed game made by Bet Solutions. The atmosphere and in-game music draws attention at first glance in the game. This game, in which we will hide behind the dominant and heavy music, helmets, and facades, seems to combine the classic and innovative structure. On the game loading screen, we see a tank and burning planes, mountains and a battlefield. When we enter the game, we see the music suitable for the war environment, the soldier who took the front. Rifle bullets covering our screen, barbed wire and a tank advancing on land welcomes us. This game of Bet Solutions, which created a world similar to the Call Of Duty theme by completely immersed in its atmosphere, seems to be in demand as it is discovered. Let’s take a closer look at the in-game features in WW II, where smoke from bombs and explosions covers the sky and we find ourselves in the middle of flames.

Features – Game Details

Decisions to be made in this war environment are completely left to us. We can adjust the bet amount as we want, and we can set the maximum and minimum bet limits according to our balance. In WW II, which is a game suitable for fast spin, we can turbo spin and make in-game changes according to our own strategy. In the order of the symbols in the game, from top to bottom; medal, grenade, helmet, binoculars, flask, military scroll. ‘A’, ‘K’ and ‘Q’ symbols are the most low-valued symbols. Bombs falling on reels in any spin can turn into wilds. In this randomly triggered feature, incoming wilds are expanding.

Bonus Game

After 3 compass places, we enter free spins in the game. There are 4 different free spins in the game. Our bonus game starts after random selection. The details of 4 different free spins in-game are as follows;

  • North Battlefield: We have 3 lives in the North Battlefield, which is triggered after the compass points to the north. Our goal is to disable 10 of the 16 mines. Every time we disable mine, our multiplier increases by x2. There is also a randomly triggered life gainer feature in the game. -Expanding Sticky Wild: In Expanding Sticky Wild, which starts after the compass points east, the wilds expand into reels and sticks. Respins are activated according to the number of reel. -Walking Expanding Wild: In Walking Expanding Wild, which starts after the compass points west, the wilds expands on the reel and walks from right to left. Respin can be triggered according to reel number. -Sticky Wild: Wilds sticks until freespin ends. Each Wild gives one Respin.


Can I play the WW II for free?

You can sign up for Rajabets for free and start playing WW II right away!

Can I play on mobile phone?

Yes, you can login to Rajabets and play on your mobile phone!

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